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About The Product
Is Versoflor easy to install?
Versoflor is very simple to assemble, simply align one tile over the connectors and another tile. Push down to snap securely together.

See our assembly page for more details: Click here
Where can I use Versoflor?

Versoflor can be used both indoors and outdoors. Examples of indoor spaces include garages, utility rooms, games rooms, sheds or summer houses. Outdoor spaces include patios, decked areas or any floor area with a solid, level surface beneath.

How durable is Versoflor?
The Versoflor system have been designed with durability in mind. We offer a 3 year warranty on all parts, so you can rest assured that your new floor surface is built to last. 
Why are there gaps in between the tiles?
The gaps between the tiles are intentional. They are to allow for the expansion and contraction of the tiles in hot and cold conditions. This is to prevent your floor surface becoming uneven. 
Does it provide an anti-slip surface?
Safety is a core factor of our tiles and mosaics, they are the safest on the market.

Our tiles and mosaics have been tested to BS 7976 (The British Standard specification that provides guidelines for the assessment of slip resistance of flooring surfaces). With an average in dry conditions of 108 PVT, and even in wet conditions an average of 60 PVT, giving a Slip Risk Classification of Low.
Is Versoflor resistant to moisture and water damage?
All parts of the Versoflor system are waterproof and our Upflor flooring system allows water to drain off through the mosaic holes in the tile.
Is Versoflor Modular flooring recyclable?
Versoflor flooring is completely recyclable. In order for a product to actually be recycled there needs to be a second use for that material and
a demand. The polymers we manufacture Versoflor from are in high demand. It can be made into new products easily and then those
products can be recycled again and again.
Is Versoflor comfortable to walk on?
Yes, the Versoflor surface is designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort experienced whilst standing for long periods of time. It gives support to the feet and legs, alleviating the strain and pressure that can lead to fatigue, muscle discomfort, and musculoskeletal issues.
Is the material that Versoflor is made from chemically resistant?
Yes, Versoflor is made from a specially developed polyolefin. It is chemically resistant to most substances. Let us know if you have
any specific needs or concerns.
What weight can Versoflor withstand?
Versoflor can support a load 12,000kgs evenly distributed over the surface area of one tile.

The development team here at Versoflor have more technology than NASA at their fingertips to help develop innovative world beating products. During the design and development stage of the system we used the latest technology and software to help us develop Versoflor to surpass all existing products in every category. Strength and durability was a key part of that process.

We used FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to develop the support structure on the underside of the tile. The results show a very even support structure, the geometry of each support leg spreads the load over the largest surface area dispersing the load evenly over the largest possible surface.

The pattern and design of the support structures mean that each tile is able to support the same “point load” no matter where this is applied over the area of the tile. Competing products have uneven support structures which mean they have uneven load carrying characteristics which can fail at specific positions.

The strength characteristics and supported weight of Versoflor were a key part of the development of our world beating product. We put maximum effort into producing the best possible product for our customers.
Will Versoflor colours fade?
No, all parts of the system are UV stabilised so they will not degrade in strength or fade in colour when used outside in the sunlight. The parts are all water proof and our Upflor product allows water to drain off through the tile itself.
How can I clean it?
You can clean Versoflor with a brush and water, a hose pipe or jetwash. You can also vacuum clean the tiles.
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