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Hard-wearing, easy care

Our floors are as easy to look after as they are to lay. Simply sweep or mop with a conventional broom, or a vacuum if you prefer. When necessary they can be cleaned with a pressure washer.

How to assemble your Versoflor

These steps are for the full package, you might not need all of them.

Step 1

Tile assembly: simply align one tile over the connectors and another tile. Push down to snap securely together.

NOTE: There will be a 2.4mm expansion gap between the tiles once assembled.

Step 2

Edge trim assembly: put corner trim in position, then push edge trim into available connectors and snap securely together.

Step 3

Adding connectors: where there are no edge connectors on the tile, simply use a 'tile' connector'. Simply lift and push it beneath.

Step 4

Mosaic Insertion: choose any of the square holes and push mosaic in securely. To remove mosaics, overturn the tile and use pliers.

Top Tip: design the pattern with overturned tiles and then push them into place once happy wth the design.

Step 5

Cable clip: for cable management and use with LED strips, simply push into place as shown above.

Step 6

Tile fixing: this it NOT ESSENTIAL, but if you want to secure the floor to ground, use a No 6-8 wood screw. This is concealed by the adjacent tile or edge trim.

Top Tip: Fixing is ideal for the front edge of a garage space to prevent the tiles from moving as a vehicle drives onto the flooring

What will you create?

Let your imagination take your floor anywhere you want.

Next day delivery