Versoflor at Autosport International 2023

Versoflor at Autosport International 2023

The Autosport International event last week was a great opportunity to showcase everything Versoflor has to offer as well as meet people from a variety of industries.

Autosport International is Europe’s largest motorsport event and takes place at Birmingham’s NEC over four days, hosting up to 90,000 visitors.

The event kick starts the motorsport season and calendar year, with the first two days involving a trade-focused Autosport Engineering show and the Motorsport Business Forum, catering to trade, industry, competitors, and fans alike.

Our stand featured a car game simulator and three different floor designs (Dakar, Porsche, Le Mans) and thanks to the easy clip construction, it only took two hours to lay.

The event was a great success and gave us the chance to show off the versatility and innovation of the Versoflor design. Visitors were impressed with not only the practical elements of Versoflor, including clean cable routing and an anti-slip finish, but also the unique LED lighting feature, the wide choice of colours, and easy clip-in construction for personal and bespoke branding possibilities.

Here is a selection of comments from attendees during the four day event:

“I haven’t seen flooring like this. There are many styles of panel flooring for workshops in commercial industries, but nothing that lends itself to you being able to make it entirely bespoke. The inlay of the colours and the lighting is a good touch as well…I can change the branding from mine to whomever I’m partnering with. I can see it being very versatile.”

“More interested in this floor for the quality of it and for lighting up walkways and logos. We’ve already had a price off other flooring companies…but nobody seems to offer that.”

“If you want to show customers your work and you have something to look at…include your business name and social media, you never know what’ll come from that.”

“To come up with a new flooring like this is really exciting to see.”

Since we got back to Versoflor HQ we've been processing lots of enquiries. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your Versoflor options, please contact us or browse the catalogue online. We also offer a sample pack so you can experience the product before purchasing a full floor.