Mosaic Kit - Ferrari Shield - 5x8 Tiles mosaic kits Versoflor
Mosaic Kit - Ferrari Shield - 5x8 Tiles mosaic kits Versoflor

Mosaic Kit - Ferrari Shield - 5x8 Tiles


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(Pack of 9 tiles covers 0.81 square meters. For reference cost per square meter is £0  excluding VAT)


Only compatible with Upflor tiles.

Ferrari Shield Design 
Width 1.5m x Depth 2.4m (5x8 Upflor Tiles)

This Versoflor Mosaic Kit allows you to create your own Ferrari Shield using Versoflor Mosaics, to enhance your garage floor design.
(Does not include Upflor Tiles). Available in different colours upon request.

Add colour, texture and style to your space by using our simple push-in Mosaics. Be inspired by the range of designs shown on our website, or get creative and have fun making your own. The possibilities are endless!

Mosaic Features & Benefits:
  • Quick and easy to install, simply clicks into Upflor tiles.

  • Be inspired and get creative!

  • Available in a range of colours.

  • Robust and durable.

  • Easy to hose down and jet wash.

  • Only compatible with Upflor tiles.

  • 3-year warranty.

  • Material: Recyclable Polytrobe B.

  • Individual part weight: <1g.

  • UV protected.

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